Why Rubber Pavers For Your Next Project ?

Recycles Rubber Pavers are a fantastic material commonly used in residential or commercial applications in predominantly outdoor areas. There are various reasons to choose recycled rubber pavers when landscaping or paving different applications such as driveways, walkways, playgrounds, roofs or other various outdoor applications.

Beneficial Features of Recycled Rubber Pavers include:

  • They are ideal for extra heavy duty use both indoors and outdoors.
  • They are impervious to ice, water, and extreme temperatures.
  • Safe and Slip-resistant (useful for walkways and playgrounds)
  • Sustainable – helping to keep our environment clean
  • Their wonderful ability to withstand abuse-orientated spaces allowing you to use your creative side when designing

With attractive finishes that provide a virtually maintenance free surface that has fantastic safety features and amazing durability. Due to these and other attributes it apparent why recycled rubber pavers are utilized in the construction of patios, walkways, driveways, horse barns and playgrounds.

Best Practice for Installations:                                                                                                                                                                                                Using an interlocking system without adhesive over concrete, asphalt, compacted granular surfaces and most roof surfaces provide proven performance in the harshest climatic conditions.  These impact and sound reducing tiles can provide superior protection for rooftop membranes. Their permeable nature allows for gradual water flow, improving storm water management. Recycled rubber pavers can also be used to provide a non-vegetative border when used with Green Roof systems, and can be used to create accessible walkways to roof mounted mechanical systems.

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