Cedur Synthetic Shakes

Authentic Wood Beauty, Low Maintenance, Extreme Impact and Fire Resistance

“In the last ten years we have had 4 major hail storms. Our CeDUR roof is still perfect.”

Live Oak

Live Oak – Caramel Brown
Live Oak is reminiscent of a brand new traditional hand split cedar shake. It features a fresh cut lighter hue appearance and is emulated to look like traditional cedar wood. Live Oak roofs compliment darker tones very well, including tan, brown, dark gray and brick.


Walden – Chocolate Brown
Walden is reminiscent of a 10-15 year old wood shake, the Chocolate Brown surname in accurate description of it’s appearance. Walden is a tad bit darker in appearance when compared to Live Oak.


Shiloh – Charcoal Gray
Shiloh captures the authentic wood appearance of aged cedar shake that has endured a bit of natural sea moisture. The Charcoal Gray surname is a great descriptive color name for this beautiful product. Shiloh roofs compliments lighter tones very well, especially whites, light grays, and blues.

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