We Work Hard for Our Customers

There are many Manufacter Representatives who can take a product into their market and convince others they should sell X product in their location(S).

CSS can get your products into those locations as well but we will not stop there.  Our sales objective is to position your products so they are products in demand.

How we bring your Product(s) Front and Center.

By using a variety of strategies, your product will be brought to numerous distribution and retail entities in several different ways.

Each product has their own attributes and we will address them accordingly and begin our process to get your products in front of the right partners.

Specializing in both Pull Through Marketing ; where we capture and attract potential new leads for your line(s) by getting your products directly in front of the builder Pro – or Push Through where ; we will use our vast in house marketing department to help create the demand for your products before we even approach the first dealer.

Whichever strategy we take or program, we launch to bring your product to the builder pro our seasoned team knows what it takes and how to promote your product effectively and efficiently to allow you to spend more time to focus on the business at hand.

Know your competition

In order to position your product(s) for market we investigate the competition. We evaluate how your product differs or compares to current product offerings and determine the ways in which your product/company excels. Identify the reasons customers purchase elsewhere and the ways that we can entice them to purchase your new product instead.

Know your product better than Anyone

By keeping in mind the distinctive features of the product, the demographics of the target consumer and their spending power along with the current strategies of existing companies, an effective marketing strategy may be successfully created. We will then secure a long term relationship with all partners in the channel and be positioned for the next category launch for your company.