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Benefits Of Bamboo and Tropical Hardwoods

Benefits of Bamboo and Tropical Hardwoods for your Next Building Project 


Although their are many species of tropical hardwoods on the market today. We are looking at the many creative ways building manufacturers are able to introduce Sustainable products into their homes.   Many new home sales in the United States and Europe are now built with sustainable products like bamboo and other natural hardwoods.

Why Bamboo ?

What you may not realize is that bamboo solutions can be used for much more than just food, musical instruments, medicine, paper and textiles.     Uses for bamboo can also include building construction,both in exterior and interior design elements.

Widely used in Asian,  Central and Southern American cultures, bamboo is a sustainable and sturdy building material.  Unlike wood, bamboo (a member of the grass family) regenerates very quickly.  Fact : Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, with the fastest growth rate reaching 100cm in a 24-hr period1.

In contrast to tree harvesting, there is simply no comparison to the replenishment rate of growing bamboo. Bamboo can be harvested every three to six years for construction purposes (depending on the species); whereas trees range from 25 years (for softwoods) to 50 years (for hardwoods). It is important to harvest the bamboo at the right time to maximize strength and minimize damage brought on by pests.

Making more use of bamboo for common building practices would allow forests to regenerate and help to prevent future deforestation efforts.

What are Hardwoods :

Having been used in Europe since the 1980s, thermal modification is a non-toxic process that simply “cooks” wood in heat. During the process, oxygen is removed from the oven to prevent the wood from burning, and very high heat—in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit— drastically reduces the wood’s moisture content and limits its ability to absorb moisture.  Hardwoods are used today in making numerous products such as roofing shingles, siding, decking and more.

What’s the Result ?

  • A naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects, and decay.
  • Products that are more dimensionally stable—making them less prone to cupping, warping, expansion, and contraction with changes in humidity.

The end reult is simple. By utilizing natural resources that are available in we can become a great source to keeping the world a better place for generations to come .  By replinishing the natural products found in the United States, Europe and other regions we are leaving a solid foundation for the next generations to be able to continue to create, grow and prosper .

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