Are You a Pro Manufacturer Representative ?

Are You A Pro Manufacturer Representative ?

How do you know if you are a Pro Manufacturer Representative ?

Being a Pro Manufacturer Representative is a fantastic profession in that the basic success drivers are transferrable regardless of your specific industry. It doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in, or what product or service you’re selling — the fundamentals are similar. Sales is basically a trust profession.

You must build trust and you must be credible. Your overall knowledge is critical to both of these ends. Without having solid, factual knowledge; you will erode your credibility with every interaction, therefore you will not be able to able to build enough trust to challenge your prospect’s perspective of their issues and opportunities.

Early in most manufacturer representative careers, they lean on company-specific knowledge (product or service related) while enhancing their salesmanship skills and this is a good thing. However; you need more.

Here are a few other areas you may need to master in order to succeed :

  • Industry knowledge. Manufacturer Reps need to understand the most relevant issues/trends within the industries they sell into. Weather you sell Building Products, Roofing Products, Computers or Services you should do your homework.  It’s always good to understand the history of the industry, The industry growth and the most meaningful factors impacting current state.  Demographics and cultures will play a relative roll in your sale and will help to make create more solution based opportunities for your customers and theirs.


  • Know Your Competitors and Market. A Salesperson  need to have a thorough understanding of the marketthat they are competing in. Feature differentiation alone is not enough. in order to have competitive positioning you need to also be able to present your Value differentiation.


  • Product knowledge. This may appear to be an obvious statement, but surprisingly overlook and makes a major diference. You must have a thorough understanding and knowledge of your product; both weakness and strength’s

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