Are You A Creative Source for Adding Value For Your Customers


Are You a Creative Source for Adding Value for Your Customer or are You Just a Visitor ?

Maximize the return on your investment by increasing the amount you invest and growing the amount of your return or R.O.I.

Businesses are always looking for a creative source for adding value to their customers.  They typically use their products and services to help seperate their company from the competition.  These companies often rely on their vendors and suppliers to keep them abreast of the latest product or service that will benefit their company.

Do you remember the last time you met with your building or roofing customer customer ?  What problems were they facing ? Did you bring them a new product or service to discuss ?  what value did your visit provide your customer ?

Many sales agents believe that providing quality products and services is enough to retain their customers.   These are what are referred to as the “order takers “.   They go from customer to customer visiting in hope of their customer offering them a sale.  Unfortunately, those same customers are the ones that will now try to drive down the cost and will ultimately demand the most service from you. This not only cuts into your companies profits, but ultimately ends up costing the sales agent not only time they could be out creating new business; it also cuts into their overall commision.

Add Value to each sales call

I think we can all agree time is valuable to us all.  When we have scheduled time to meet with a building material supplier or possibly a roofing company for example, we would like to walk away knowing that each member of the meeting gained something of value and the time provided was well spent.   Hopefully you were able to leave the meeting with a better understanding of the problems your customer faces, learned more about their needs and left a sale/solution or at the minimum an opportunity to review their concerns and address them at a future meeting.  For your customer, they would like to know that after their time spent added value to them as well.  Maybe it was addressing the slow production times they face when ordering a building product or adding addtional services that would provide them quicker sale turns ?  Regardless of the scenario,  Value was added for both parties from the meeting and that will lead to a better relationship.  Remember the first rule of sales ?   People buy from people !

What’s Next ?

The next time you are making a sales call prepare yourself with a few questions prior to making the meeting. for example   ” What can i do to bring value to our #1 Chicago Roofing Contractor ?  Is there any new products our company is offering that can help them to differentiate them from their competition ? ( don’t forget to use the resources of your vendors and manufacturer reps). What services do we offer that will increase their  productivity ?  What problems did other customers have and how did we correct them ?”  these are just a few examples of ways to prepare yourself and make your next meeting a win for you and your customer instead of a wasted time visit that really benefitted no one.

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