New Ice Dam Solution for Roofs



New Exterior Under Shingle Solution is Easily Installed and Ideally Suited for Both New Construction and Retrofit Applications

Calorique is the industry-leading manufacturer of low-cost, energy efficient radiant heat materials and has been providing these heat tape products for over 30 years.  Why is this such a special piece of technology ?  We wanted ot know more and here is what we found.

Perfectly Clear Roof De-Ice Systems are designed specifically for use under asphalt shingles and metal roofs. Their “Connector Series” approach is an electric radiant heat film panel which is great for use on both new construction and retrofitting into existing roofs. This Creative Source of roof heat is designed to prevent ice dams from forming and causing costly repairs from water damage;This source of winter problems is never welcomed by any homeowner.

Providing a  low-cost maintenance-free system that is easily installed and completely hidden under as many shingle courses as requiredwill eliminate that un wanted Ice-Dam.  It is virtually maintenance free and their system plugs into a standard power outlet. For convenience and efficiency, optional automated controller/sensors may be integrated with the system. Perfectly Clear Roof carries a 5-year warranty and meets all national electric codes.

About Calorique:
Since 1980, Calorique has led the industry in manufacturing low-cost and energy efficient radiant heat elements that are used in a multitude of applications.  Employing unique precision and scientific advancements, Calorique generates low wattage resistance heating components to maximize thermal mass. The radiant heating film utilizes proprietary carbon technology and patented ink blends, providing stable maintenance-free systems that carry full UL listings and the industry’s most extensive warranties. To learn more about the Perfectly Warm interior heating or Perfectly Clear exterior product lines, please visit


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